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In 2014, The National Historic Landmark known as Brick House Ruins made the Seven to Save list generated by the Preservation Society of Charleston. in 2018, stabilization work began. $56,000 of the  $70,000 needed to complete the work has been raised.


The handsome brick structure, built c. 1725, burned in 1929. Since that time the remaining brick walls have been slowly deteriorating, with threat of collapse in some areas.  The National Trust for Historic Preservation provided two grants to further the process of emergency stabilization. Contractor Richard Marks, engineer John Moore, and architect Simons Young are ready to commence their work in stabilizing the south wall in January 2018. A 501(c)(3) exemption has been applied for and gifts may be made to help preserve this nationally important work of historic architecture reflecting our country's early colonial period. Please donate at the link on the upper right of this page.


This is what we decided to do.


Unfortunately, after 85 years, weather and deterioration have left the Brick House ruins in a precarious state. Preliminary structural evaluations have indicated that portions of the walls and chimneys are close to failure, and if they fall, they are likely to destroy much of the original historic material around them. Recognizing the potential loss of this architectural treasure, the Preservation Society of Charleston listed the Brick House ruin as a 2013 Seven to Save site, committing to help support the efforts to save the building.

The Preservation Society of Charleston has recently received a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation to begin the necessary work to document and stabilize the Brick House ruins. The grant will fund several critical items:

+ Working with a structural engineer experienced in preservation to design stabilization repairs.

+ Documentation of the ruins using 3D modeling. The model will also be used to illustrate possible structural repairs to help determine which option is most appropriate.

+ Design of a website to highlight the history and architectural importance of the Brick House ruins. The website will allow us to keep the public up to date on progress.


We're also keeping a regular journal that will be updated often with all of the most recent news from Edisto, South Carolina.

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